Carol Stream Summer Lunch Program

Nutritious Lunches for our Children




During the school year, most children enjoy the benefit of meals provided by the school system.  During the summer, however, this option is not available.  Too many of our children only eat junk food, or even worse, go without meals.

Through a partnership with the CCSD 93 and the Carol Stream Rotary a group of churches and civic organizations in Carol Stream are providing nutritious lunches to all Carol Stream children, 18 and below, at no cost to the families.

Research shows that children who get better nutrition learn more easily and are less likely to exhibit behavior issues.  With nutritious lunches, our children will have more energy and are more likely to avoid chronic health outcomes such as diabetes and obesity.


Our Partners

People who care

The Carol Stream Summer Lunch Program is coordinated by Heritage Presbyterian Church, and we have committed volunteers from a number of churches and civic organizations in the community.